Please do not hesitate to read our FAQ, you may find the answers to your questions!


– How can I reset my password?

In order to reset your password, please log in your personal account.


– How can I register my accreditation?

To accredit your team and create your application form, please go on ‘Open sessions’ and enter the necessary information.


– Which payment methods are possible?

After creating your accreditation form, you could chose to pay either by cheque or by credit cart directly on the platform.


– What does accreditation offer to me?

The accreditation allows to a media to appear on the press lists we send to the fashion houses.

The accreditation does not allow you to enter in fashion shows. The invitation remains at the discretion of the Maison to whom we send the press lists.

The accreditation allows you to use the free shuttle bus service connecting one fashion show to the other (invitation only) and give you access to the International Press Center.


– When are the press lists sent to the fashion houses?

Three press lists are sent to the fashion houses. The first one, one month before the regarding collection, the second one two weeks before and the third one few days before the beginning of the shows.


– How can I add accredited?

Once your accreditation form sent, if you want to add accredited you can proceed to a new accreditation request with the same registration procedure.


– How to obtain an invoice?

Once your payment done by credit card or your cheque received and validated by the Fédération, a PDF invoice will be available on your personal account. You could download it and find it later anytime on your account.


– How can I find my previous accreditation forms?

In your account, you could find all the previous accreditation form in PDF in ‘My accreditation’.


– What is the deadline to apply for an accreditation?

In order to be on the first press list, you’ll have to send back your application form one month before the shows. However, you could register until ten days before collections.


– How can I contact the Fédération?

To contact the accreditation service, please go on ‘Contact us’.